RAD 101 Training Modules

RAD 101 Training consists of six modules that must be completed prior to taking a final quiz. Once you begin the first module, you will have thirty days to complete the program and pass the quiz. You must score at least an 80 on the quiz to receive a certificate of completion.

Radiation Safety Training


Must pass final exam in score over 80%


RAD101 offers an online course designed to improve your ability to create a diagnostically useful x-ray image with a minimum of radiation exposure to the patient. The course will teach x-ray basics and allow you to earn a certificate showing you have met the minimum requirements for the operation of x-ray equipment in Georgia.


The Georgia Rules and Regulations for X-ray Operation state that ALL persons operating x-ray equipment:

  • Receive a MINIMUM of six hours of x-ray instruction which shall begin within 30 days of employement and be completed no later than 90 days after the date of employment.
  • Must be able to show written proof of completion of the x-ray training. The physician owning the equipment is required to maintain a record of all training for each operator.

Here’s How it Works:

Once you create an account and purchase training, you will have access to six course modules that each take approximately one hour to complete. Once you begin the course, you have 30 days to complete all six modules and take the exam. The modules cover the following material:

  1. Equipment Operation
  2. Basic X-ray Physics
  3. X-ray Technique
  4. Radiation Safety and Biology
  5. Darkroom and Processing Basics
  6. Digital Imaging Basics (not currently in the Georgia requirements but very pertinent)

Once you complete all six modules, you will take a 30 question quiz. After you pass the quiz with a score of 80 or higher, you will be able to print your Certificate of Completion of the minimum Georgia x-ray requirements.


Plan Name Price
1 Account: $ 75
2 Accounts: $ 150
3 Accounts: $ 225
4 Accounts: $ 300
5 Accounts: $ 337.5
6 Accounts: $ 405
7 Accounts: $ 472.5
8 Accounts: $ 540
9 Accounts: $ 607.5
10 Accounts: $ 600
11 Accounts: $ 660
12 Accounts: $ 720
13 Accounts: $ 780
14 Accounts: $ 840
15 Accounts: $ 900
16 Accounts: $ 960
17 Accounts: $ 1020
18 Accounts: $ 1080
19 Accounts: $ 1140
20 Accounts: $ 1200
100 Accounts: $ 6000