Lynn Clavijo, M.S., R.T.(R)

CEO and Training Specialist

The state of Georgia requires that anyone operating x-ray equipment receive a minimum of six hours of radiation safety training and, through RAD 101, I offer that service.  The goal is fewer repeated radiographs, which will reduce costs to the physician, as well as lower the radiation dose and provide better medical care for the patient.

My mission in providing this program is to help protect the public from unnecessary radiation exposure and ensure they are getting the medical care they deserve. I have seen the radiographs produced by untrained employees, and I know that many are not of diagnostic quality which is a disservice to the patient. I feel that I can make a difference through the services offered by RAD 101. As a disclaimer, I must add that I wholeheartedly advocate the employment of registered technologists (RT’s); however, requirements in some states do not mandate it for physician’s offices at this time. RAD 101 training is not meant to provide education that will allow you to perform at the same level as a radiographer who has graduated from a two year, intensive program and passed a nationally recognized certification exam to earn the RT credential.

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Lynn Clavijo, M.S., R.T.(R)
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